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See what our customers have to say about us and the plants they have ordered.

20th October 2018

'' Many thanks, the plants arrived safely yesterday. They look lovely specimens and I shall get them in the ground today. Thank You for the superb customer service. I am actually a HR consultant and do lots of work with clients on ''customer relations''. This example will join many others in the ' goes beyond the customers expectation ' box!.  

9th September 2018

" Just to let you know that my plants arrived yesterday, safe and sound. I unpacked them very carefully and they are all in perfect condition. As soon as the wind dies down a bit, i will get them into the ground, and they will be cherished. ( The Peonies you have sent me over the years are thriving! ) Thank You once again. 

20th April 2016

"I just wanted to let you know that I collected the 'Evelyn' rose this morning from your nursery. I was thrilled to find this rose as I wanted to give it to a close friend. I was especially pleased that you had this rose, as I was unable to get it direct from the breeder. I would also like to say thank you to a colleague who found the rose for me and also took the time and trouble to gift wrap it. I was delighted with the customer service I received, and shall certainly be returning to Kelways and recommending you to my friends and family."

20th May 2015

"Just a note to thank you and your team for such a lovely day yesterday. Ian and I did come to visit your lovely stands but on one your team were busy with customers and the other was having photos etc so thought it best to email you. We had a lovely day and we had a lovely evening at the hotel too. We went to the Mango Tree around the corner for dinner which was lovely. I do hope you all have a successful show and thank you again for choosing us as winners." - (Mrs H)

7th May 2015

"Jane Philips has arrived safely. All planted up; lovely plants as always. Many thanks." - (Mrs G)

7th May 2015

"Just to say, received 3 very healthy specimens this morning, Many thanks." - (Mr H)

7th May 2015

"Thank you for the info. Always best to ask the experts. They arrived this morning and look lovely. Very pleased with them." - (Mrs B)

2nd May 2015

"Thank you. The most glorious parcels I have ever unwrapped. I am so happy to have these wonderful plants back in my life. Thank you for the skill and the care that you have put into them. With best wishes" - (Ms S)

30th April 2015

"I have received this order. THANK YOU very happy." - (Nicky)

29th April 2015

"I have just had my honeysuckle scensation delivered and I was delighted with it. It is such a healthy specimen and so well packed. Thank you so much." - (Ms W)

28th April 2015

"Received some irises today from you. Very pleased, well packaged etc. I'm now thinking of ordering some of your dwarf bearded irises." - (Mr R)

28th April 2015

"Just received my iris order package. Perfect irises, wonderful. Can't wait to put them in. Would certainly order from you again." - (Mrs C)

22nd April 2015

"I have received my plants and am delighted with the quality and the packaging they were in. They are well worth the money and I shall be ordering more plants from you. Thank you very much." - (Ms K)

16th April 2015

   "My order was received today. Wrapped fantastically well. I could not be more pleased with your service.Thank you so much." (Ms E)



27th February 2015

   "Great plant. Many thanks." (Ms C)



19th February 2015

   "Thanks very much. The plants arrived in excellent condition this morning.  I will get them in the ground as soon as the weather allows.  Many thanks." (Mrs W) 



18th February 2015

   "Thanks for the plants which arrived safely. Please can you let me know if the packaging material is compostable." (Mr E)

   (Our packaging material is reconstituted potato starch and will compost down rapidly)


18th February 2015

   "Arrived this morning. Fantastic service. Thank you very much." (Ms S)



10th February 2015

   "Thank you very much for my order it's very good of you to give me the 2extra plants. Thanks once again." (Miss M)



4th February 2015

   "Wowsers - just received my Santolina - it's enormous!" "I feel a bit special having a plant from Chelsea in my garden. Thanks so much" (Mr McC)



4th February 2015

   "Plants are lovely - I'm sure we will be back for more" (Mrs MacD)



2nd February 2015

   "Thank you for such a healthy, well packaged delivery of the Chestnut Leaf hollies, they are very impressive and I couldn't be more pleased." (Mrs K)