The January Garden

An optomistic outlook for the January garden...

Get to know your soil better! As we are sure you know, it can be discouraging to see plants struggle because the soil doesn't suit them. If you are not sure what plants to choose, test your soil for its type and its PH level. Rub some soil between your fingers, get to know its structure, if it contains clay likely it will be heavy, if its sand based, its likely light and dry. The PH level can be tested using a basic PH level testing kit available from most Garden Centres. Digging in compost or well-rotted manure can do wonders for your soil, stopping plants drowning in heavy clay, or drying out in free-draining sand. 

Get to know the different types of soil

Mixing in compost helps the soil and your plants to thrive

Similar to December, newly planted trees, hedges and shrubs including Roses, will likely need protection from cold winds and frost. If you have no natural shelter, you can use a temporary netting windbreak, plus using thick dry mulch will protect roots from frost. Branches can also be covered with straw or bracken, and secured with ties and fleece. Also its good to remove weeds from around the base of young trees. 

Tie climbers and wall shrubs onto their supports to protect them from wind damage. 

Protect newly planted Roses from frost

Make sure to protect climbing plants from cold winds